Zooming Kids


Curricular Activity

Physical Fitness

Children need a variety of fun and challenging physical activities that helps build skills like running , jumping., hopping etc We provide various physical activities that develop various motor skills and co-ordination abilities.

Music and Drama

Music and dance are the effective ways of communicating for kids . We provide the children with right environment with fun to enhance their listening skills and help them work off their energy


Dance uses different muscles than simply walking around. We have dance sessions where children learn to coordinate and control their bodies and increase their flexibility.


Enacting is the way to express what they have in their minds and it helps develop in mental development and is great for learning. We at zooming kids provide opportunities to enhance their acting skills through enacting.


Excursions are for fun and play and educational trips We take our children for excursions ,to learn sharing and caring.


Elocution helps to develop language skills . We at zooming kids provide excellent activities through elocution and make them confident in public speaking .



Books help in developing basic language skills and profoundly expand the kid’s vocabulary. They develop critical thinking and imagination power in children. We provide kids with the right books that help them in identifying right and wrong, good and evil.


We emphasize puzzle solving so that children build problem-solving abilities. When we use terms like turn, flip, rotate, above, below and beside, we coach kids to understand positions. When they work on puzzles with peers, they also strategize and work on difficulties collaboratively.

Wooden Games

Encouragement of wooden games means less involvement with plastic and electronic toys. Such games offers an opportunity to stimulate cognitive development. Many wooden games support and reinforce numeracy and literacy skills.

Memory Games

Alphabets, Numbers, Link 'N' Spell, Sight words, Concepts, Animals, Food Groups, Transport, Helpers, Seasons.Memory games helps in enhancing brain functions and stimulating mind. Memory games are the best brain exercises and they also enhance visual discrimination.

Board Games

Board games offer opportunities for early learning. They also encourage kids to consider the concept of rules, and predict the outcome of alternative moves.